Harvard Sweatshirts

Harvard Sweatshirts

Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States. Founded in 1636, it is an Ivy League school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school prides themselves on offering a first rate education to students, and their Division I athletics program also gives students a chance to show their talent. Harvard offers 41 Division I Varsity sports teams for both men and women. The most anticipated sporting events are the Harvard vs. Yale football game and the Harvard-Yale Regatta. Both of these events date back to the late 1800's. Having athletic teams that are so old gives Harvard a pretty big fan base.

As with professional sports teams, what better way to show your colors than with a sweatshirt. Especially during football season and early morning Regatta's, the warmth of a Harvard sweatshirt is much needed. Since Harvard is one of the most well known universities in the world, their sweatshirts are available for purchase from many places. If you are in the Massachusetts area, you can be sure to find Harvard sweatshirts in stores and from street vendors. You can always find them for sale online too. The sweatshirts are typically sold in a maroon color with a white logo, but other colors and styles are also available.

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There is nothing like getting the product of your choice right from the main source! The Harvard University bookstore offers different types of sweatshirts with numerous logos and designs to choose from. Their site has different sweatshirts for men, women, and children too. To see more, visit their website here: Harvard.com

The Harvard Shop is one of the best websites to get your Harvard University gear from. They offer many different sweatshirts in numerous colors, and have a large selection of unique logos and designs. They have sweatshirts for him and her, including mom and dad! If you are looking for a gift, this website is great. See more here: Harvard Shop

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